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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Brazilian Telecoms Leader Fined over Phorm ‘Trials’ - now for China?

Daily Research News Online no. 19515 - Brazilian Telecoms Leader Fined over Phorm ‘Trials’: "More than six years ago, Phorm came to public attention when UK ‘phone giant BT was charged with the abuse of users’ privacy. The UK provider admitted using business customers’ data without permission, in a trial run for Phorm’s ‘Webwise’ software.

Since then the massively indebted ad personalisation company has tried its hand in Korea, Brazil, Romania, Turkey and now China, but its 2013 turnover of $280k represents a speck beside its accumulated deficit of $256.6 million. CEO Kent Ertugrul (pictured) continues to persuade investors and must have some very convincing arguments - one of them could be the MoU which makes Phorm China Telecom’s ‘preferred strategic partner’ for big data technology and ad operations." 'via Blog this'

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