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Sunday, January 11, 2015

2015 is the year of the Net Neutrality paperback

A quick note to regular readers - to note that this blog will be MUCH busier than usual in the next 6 months, then quiet for 3 months then noisy again.
How can I predict with such certainty? Because this year I am working on the revised second edition of Net Neutrality - first edition written in 2009 and published January 2010 had exactly this pattern. It's predictable because:
[1] I will be travelling, speechifying and blogging as I update chapters - lots of new law if relatively little new fundamental political economic analysis sine 2009. The big structural change is likely to be the mobile chapter, given the zero rating controversy in developing countries in particular. The biggest legal change is the growth in analysis of specialised services.
[2] I will then go quiet in the summer and early autumn as I frantically write the final chapters - I am still co-regulatory but there is a bit more to say on fundamental rights than in 2009. Mind you, I cited freedom of expression/speech over 30 times back then.
[3] Then I recover, read page proofs and realize what I missed - so updates in the winter that act as the start of the 3rd edition!
Bloomsbury are committed to a paperback as well as their CC online access model - so if a few thousand of you want the delicious paper version, it won't cost £60 this time. You can save your photocopier the effort of printing it out!

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