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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Netherlands: KPN and Vodafone fined for violation of net neutrality

Fines imposed on Dutch telecom companies KPN and Vodafone for violation of net neutrality regulations | "With regard to its free Wi-Fi hotspots, KPN blocked various services including several internet calling services. As a result, consumers were unable to use these services. Internet providers are prohibited from deciding what their customers can and cannot do online.

Vodafone offered plans with which customers were able to watch pay-tv channel HBO using an app without charging these customers the data used for watching HBO. That way, Vodafone influenced its customers’ online behavior, which is not allowed either. Regulations require internet providers not to influence consumer behavior through blockades or tariffs.

Henk Don, Member of the Board of ACM, adds: “Internet providers are not allowed to decide for consumers what they can do on the Internet, and they are not allowed to influence their behavior either. All data must be transmitted under the same conditions. That is the idea behind net neutrality, and that is what we are enforcing in these cases. ACM thus prevents consumers from having less freedom of choice online.”" 'via Blog this'

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