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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Stuck in broadband traffic? Consumer Focus on need to implement EC law

Stuck in broadband traffic? – Consumer Focus:  "In our report Lost on the broadband super highway, released today, we investigated consumer understanding of information on traffic management and we conclude that increased transparency alone is unlikely to safeguard effectively the open internet and prevent discriminatory restrictions online. Our research finds consumers are not aware of traffic management practices, and even if they find information on traffic management restrictions on providers’ websites they cannot digest the meaning of unfamiliar terms such as P2P or VoIP. This conclusion is reinforced by the findings of a Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) investigation and Ofcom’s Infrastructure Report that shows that many broadband providers place restrictions on access to online applications and services despite the regulatory framework that fosters transparency.
The findings of our research demonstrate the need to extend the existing regulatory framework by additional non-blocking and non-discriminatory principles that would clarify which type of traffic management is legitimate. If a self-regulatory or co-regulatory solution is a preferred option it must have a robust compliance and enforcement mechanisms monitored by Ofcom. In addition broadband providers need to do more to raise awareness of traffic management through improved marketing of information to customers. This is the only way to ensure consumers can use the broadband connection of their choice to access the internet and any legal online content and applications they wish, free of negative discrimination, and to protect the innovation.
Any chance that the EC or Ofcom are listening to this? 'via Blog this

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