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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Slovenia's Economic Communications Bill adopts net neutrality

My colleague in the EINS Internet Science project, Ziga Turk, is temporarily regulating the electronic media as part of his ministerial portfolio. I heard today via European Parliament researchers that the Slovene Parliament passed at Second Reading its E-Comms Act, making it the second country - after the Netherlands - to formally legislate for net neutrality. 25 to go?
UPDATE: [1] I forgot Finland's USO obligation made them the first net neutral (of a kind) EU member, so it's 3 down, 24 to go. [2] This news was confirmed by a tweet by Dušan Caf @dusancaf Chairman of Slovenian Electronic Communications Council - which is just as well as most (all?) journos were caught in Christmas spirit and didn't cover it.
Here's the PR introducing first reading as English media has not caught up with the 2nd Reading.
Govt Adopts Economic Communications Bill | Invest Slovenia: "The bill includes net neutrality, which means that $operators will have to send internet traffic with uniform speed and permeability regardless of the content" according to Turk. The Agency for Post and Electronic Communications (APEK), which will be renamed the Agency for Communication Networks and Services (AKOMOS), will get more powers and expand its activities to the construction of shared infrastructure." 'via Blog this'

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