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Monday, December 24, 2012

Gangnam Style hits one billion views on YouTube: neutrality gangnam-style?

BBC News - Gangnam Style hits one billion views on YouTube: "Sir Martin Sorrell - chief executive of advertising giant WPP - paid tribute to the achievement by making a link between Psy and one of the west's most influential economists. "Another great example of Theodore Levitt's 'globalisation' and the power of K-pop," he told the BBC."
Anyone who thinks they can use these pipes for free must be nuts? A billion of them?
I particularly use this example because [a] K-pop has gone truly viral; [b] Korea leads the world in broadband and has done for a decade; [c] Professor Shin and I spoke at a Bangkok seminar on 20 Dec, in which he described his work for the Korean government on user empowerment and holistic regulation. I think he would forgive me this once for suggesting it's net neutrality regulation gangnam-style...'via Blog this'

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