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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Zuckerberg the poster-child for Sarko's 'civilization'

Mark wants to make more money by 'fighting' against the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act to formally allow all those tweens and young kids onto Facebook - as any parent or godparent knows, they're already there because Facebook makes money from them and won't install proper age verification controls (7,500,000 under-age users seems an under-estimate to me - my godkids joined at 9 and so did all their schoolfriends). I blame the parents.
It does rather prove Sarko's point, non? Where's the middle ground between these two ruthless control freaks entirely devoted to serving their own selfish view of the Internet? e-G8 continues to amuse.
UPDATE: Perry Barlow gave it back to the slugs on the copyright panel.

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