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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Streisand Effect and Twitter Joke Trial

I suppose this will be used by the judiciary as evidence for the Prosecution against the open Internet - the footballer's attempt to sue Twitter simply exploded interest in the secret, as with Ms Streisand. Last year's prosecution of a Twitter joke comment as some type of real terrorist threat resulted in many Twitter users retweeting the joke, or variant, along with the tag #iamspartacus (which rather devalues slavery, but in the West we live in trivial times). Spartacus has also emerged in this unhappy slapper affair.
Why does this matter to net neutrality? Simply because the types of private censorship which European ISPs are attempting are even more likely to be encouraged by this type of invasion of privacy - as with Dominique Strauss Kahn's public-private life. The ISPs are increasingly pushing on an open door when they tell politicians we need more 'control' (ker-ching!) over content on the Internet.
To which end, note the eG8 next week - Sarkozy's cunning plan to gag Internet users...

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