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Monday, May 23, 2011

Ryan Giggs and the end of days for ISP liability exemption

As Sarko and guests dine on the body of Internet freedom at the eG8 in the next days, no doubt glances will be cast across the Channel at one of Europe's most famous footballers having his identity in an affair with his countrywoman Imogen Thomas. Giggs is a very private adulterer who has won TWELVE League titles with Man Utd, England's second most successful football team after LFC - and this Saturday captains his team in the European Cup Final. (This detail for American readers and geeks who don't watch sport...)
So now that we know (or at least the media is no longer scared to state) it's Ryan Giggs, what damage has been done?
1. Twitter did not follow the Norwich Pharmacal order to expose its subscribers (hopefully it stalled?);
2. Mr Justice Eady refuses to acknowledge the Earth is round, in aid of the London libel/privacy Bar;
3. Parliament will convene a Joint Committee on privacy - this is extremely dangerous as it is bound to decide to regulate Internet intermediaries more closely.
I fear the worst for ISP immunity...and thus net neutrality...

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