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Monday, May 02, 2011

'Delightful' policy management tools disgust engineers

Recently, I have found myself talking to several network engineers who are planning to quit mobile ISP work in disgust at the uses to which their tech is aimed - by the mobiles. As highly educated software engineers, they are fortunate enough to be able to choose to work on more pleasing projects. The decision to turn the Internet into a closed system is what appalls them - the naked greed and shortsighted money-grubbing of the MNOs and their supporters such as Cisco, documented by Dave Burstein. Its this kind of double-speak:
"What is happening now is that it's not just the network engineers involved -- the business, finance and marketing people are getting involved," Cottam says. "They are seeing that they can use policy management to make offers, and delight the customers rather than making them angry."
Really breath-taking, huh?

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