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Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Nettnøytralitet" is coming to Norway!

The regulator in Norway has been ahead of the game on net neutrality, and it has made the ISPs and cablecos sign up to a co-regulatory pact on transparency and consumer rights. 
  1. First, Internet users must be given complete and accurate information about the service they are buying, including capacity and quality. 
  2. Users are allowed to send and receive content of their choice, use services and applications of their choice. and connect any hardware and software that doesn't harm the network. 
  3. The connection cannot be discriminated against based on application, service, content, sender, or receiver."
There are various explanations that any network management must be non-discriminatory. Head of the regulator Willy Jensen states: "Everyone who endorses these guidelines has made it clear that they support an open Internet on which different providers can compete freely to offer content and services. Internet users need to be assured that the Internet service provider they have chosen will not act as a gatekeeper for their Internet use."

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