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Friday, February 06, 2009

Mickey Mouse and content discrimination - its cable TV on TCP/IP

ESPN, part of Disney, has withdrawn its video service from several ISPs that don't pay it - reflecting the two-sided markets in cable TV where the payments between carriers and content channels vary in size and direction depending on the attraction of the content. What it means is that big content players may break out of net neutrality before ISPs, sensing a chance to screw both subscribers and carriers - its what we do in Europe with live football rights, as Herbert Ungerer points out constantly and correctly.

Elsehwere, I finally laid my hands on the pathetic Copenhagen Economics report on net neutrality - (link first hit on Google) not much to say except that this would fail miserably a Masters thesis. Its disjointed, rambling and contains several nonsequiturs. I hope the neocon/deregulatory sponsors were pleased.

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