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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Starbucks Berlin and the Reichstag

Jeannette Hoffman reminds me that she still has the 'Starbucks ICT Memorial Napkin'.

This commemorates our bunking off the afternoon session of the UN ICT on Friday, to go sightseeing. It had smowed overnight, and the sky was a perfect blue Arctic dome - so we took off in the cold wind to walk Unter Den Linden towards the Reichstag. It being Friday afternoon, there was a big queue and we couldn't get in, so we used Starbucks to warm up as the sun set behind the Brandendurger Tor, and Jeanette counted the official cars for the Armenian president - 32 jet dark blue BMWs and Mercs.

When we got back to the Foreign Ministry, Oliver met us and said he would have let us in - Jeanette thought he'd taken off for the day. He told us they've reconstructed part of the Wall in the office building for Reichstag members - nostalgia gone crazy.

Apparently they only recreated the wall, not the guard towers, minefields etc...

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