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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Hard Day's Night: Paris and Korea

Off to Paris for a 22 hour road trip yesterday into today - for rugby - then off to Korea tonight for the Kinternet conference.

Just realised I need the 1830 bus - and Korea is 10 hours ahead so that I get on the plane at 7am local time. BUT I have the cunning plan to stay on Uk time for the next 3 days to avoid jetlag. Only problems are...

First, I left home 8.30 yesterday morning, to pick up Adam and drive to Claphma. 10am parked, met Wayne and Rob - our Kiwi contingent - and headed for Dover. Got there 11.45, got the 1pm ferry to Calais - arrived there 3.30 after a couple of beers on board. Rob and Wayne were All-Blacked up, Adam had an FFR jersey with le cog d'or shimmering proudly. (As he's just got very fit and played second row (!) for the Prison midweek, it's a less tight fit than previously).

So got to Paris and parked 6.30, into St Michel for a nice (slightly overpriced but that's St Michel) dinner - very good cheese and fois gras, good entree, very pleasant carafe of vin rouge. back for the game - and what a stadium! The 2012 Olympics must be at Stae de France - it's space age, clean lines, sensational spaces and views. I took a video of it all - whistling crowd, pissed-up Kiwis and a hammering for 'les bleus' by 45-6. 'Allez les noirs' might be an outside bet for 2007 - the French looked old, knackered and end-of-season - when they're starting and les Noirs should look like that. Jerry Collins was sensational.

Then back to Calais, into 'Eastenders' traditional aircraft hanger bordega, some Budvar and good wine, and on to the ferry. Got back to London 5.15, dropped Rob at St Pancras (got stopped for turning right against the traffic signal, Adam threatened to pull out his prison service ID if the cops annoyed us), and back to Oxford 7am.

So slept 4 hours til 11am - or 9pm Korean time. The next 2 days are going to be hard!!!

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