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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Raving Punter

Monday went to Argos to buy a few small things - came away with a £25 DVD player (all formats except DivX), a £45 DTT box from Echostar, 2 lava lamps for the kids, some more weights (temple of the mind etc.) and odds and sods.

The DTT box was difficult to install - firstly all the SCART leads, then it only programmed radio channels, then I got Beeb but no ITV/C4, then I got a new aerial out of the cupboard Tuesday and got a few more channels, finally got all channels, but it keeps breaking up and going to Audio Only. I find I only want to watch Sky Sports News and UK History - and for analogue channels prefer the reliable analogue signal via the video!

This DTT is only going to fly if they can boost the signal and that means switching off analogue - apparently by 2012, but maybe region by region?

I am a raving punter - after the flush of success from MOTing la Poderosa, I then got an upgraded phone to a megapixel camera - so expect more photos on the blog - except they will end up delivering when I'm in Korea (see above!). The Koreans have 3G and a 5.3Megapixel camera - ridiculous how far ahead they are. We'll see this week!

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