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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Napkins and Reichstag continued...

On Saturday morning, I stayed in couch (not bed, I was in a sleeping bag on Ralf's couch, more comfortable than it sounds, but not much:-). Then had lunch with Andreas Grunwald, old friend from our electronic journal IJCLP - who's just done a Council of Europe report on digital TV last year. Sounds like he found the group members as abtuse and old-fashioned as I did 5 years ago!

Anyway, three important items:
[1] Bernd Holznagel is on the road to recovery after his bypass op, coma, China hospital and low-altitude military flight - stories he can't tell because he was asleep - thankfully he's back to his old self mentally if not yet physically;
[2] Andreas gets married next year, his girlfriend was at PCMLP in 2002, and she works for Shroeder in the Reichscancellerie - so she could have let us in the Reichstag Friday also!
[3] Andreas will see the Munster crowd next month - told him to say hi and I'll be there next June - in sh'allah!

Napkins - last night Peter and Markus wrote the future of the Internet on a napkin in the restaurant - wonder if we can scan it for the web??? Not Starbucks, of course...

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