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Monday, November 16, 2015

'Open Internet', not neutrality and bad faith actors

Chris Marsden: "I think the final point to make is that changing terms is really awkward.  So Governments are in favor of the open Internet but not Net Neutrality.  A lot of actors are bad faith actors.  So myself, Konstantinos, in particular a lot of corporate actors, do not favour full Net Neutrality. They started saying so two years ago when it became inevitable there will be a law in this case.  Konstantinos and I are honest enough to say we don't favour Net Neutrality as you classically term it and therefore we will not agree with everything you say.  That doesn't mean you can't go forward to have a declaration on a model law.  And I think others who are not in favour might want to follow our example if they want to be honest with themselves.

LISE: I wanted to tease you because you're saying you're not in favor of full net neutrality still you're putting out some principles that are helping or not being Net Neutrality but at the same time we see these as tools to provide Net Neutrality.  Are you playing with words?  Or are you serious when you are saying you are against it.  CHRIS MARSDEN: These are tools that provide an openness to competition on the Internet and provide the opportunity for content providers.  And of course as an academic, I study Net Neutrality.  I can't be seen to be a proponent.

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