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Monday, November 16, 2015

2015/11/12 Facebook remarks to 'dialogue on "zero rating" and network neutrality' #IGF2015

2015 11 12 A dialogue on "zero rating" and network neutrality Main Meeting Hall:

Kevin Martin" I think there is two overarching, critical important points to put in context for this debate.

The first, it is that in Facebook's Free Basics programme that we're trying to listen and respond to the concerns and critics that -- concerns that are raised.  For example, there was concerns about whether or not we were confusing people with the original name of We have changed the name to make sure we're not -- this is not access to the full Internet, it is access to a site and set of basic services. We have renamed the programme. We have made sure as I mentioned earlier an open platform that others will participate in and we have made other changes in response to the concerns and so we're responsive.


The second, final question, is this working? In the end, that's important in terms of trying to get others online.  As Josh mentioned in his remarks, you end up with more data. Our initial data demonstrates it is. It is accelerating the rate of adoption.

The operators that participate are seeing a 50% increase in the rate of adoption of people subscribing. Second, we see a 50% conversion rate, for people that try this for the first time, 50% of them will become paying subscribers of the Internet within 30 days. " 'via Blog this'

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