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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Why Strong Title II Remains the Best Option For an Open Internet

Reliability Rather Than Rainbows: Why Strong Title II Remains the Best Option For an Open Internet - Public Knowledge: "First and foremost, relying on either a hybrid approach that classifies broadband access as Title II but uses Section 706 authority for actual rules, or relying on classifying the “sender side” of broadband (the part from an edge provider to the broadband access provider) as a telecommunications service while leaving the residential subscriber side an information service, shifts the focus away from protecting the public to promoting competition and investment.

Certainly consumers benefit from competition, and from stimulating investment in broadband infrastructure and deployment (the purpose of Section 706). But Title II is not just about promoting investment or protecting competition. It is primarily a consumer protection statute, and contains many provisions specifically targeted at protecting consumers from corporate abuses, such protecting consumer privacy and truth-in-billing.

 We do not want the basic service of the 21st Century managed for the benefit of companies – wherever they reside in the Internet supply chain – with the expectation that benefits to the public will somehow ‘trickle down’ from the right set of business oriented rules. A foundation that starts with the companies and moves backward to consumers starts in the wrong place." 'via Blog this'

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