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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ansip Signs On as Juncker Reboots European Commission

Ansip Signs On as Juncker Reboots European Commission - Real Time Brussels - WSJ: "That’s interesting, because telecoms operators have said they need to consolidate before they invest, and Mr. Juncker says in his letter to Mr. Ansip, “We will also need to ensure that our competition and taxation rules are conducive to higher levels of public and private investment.”

 J.P. Morgan analyst Hannes Wittig also reckons it’s a win for telecoms companies.

“Mr. Oettinger seems a strong pro-incumbent appointment,” Mr. Wittig said. “The German regulator has in recent years been comparatively constructive towards Deutsche Telekom, often proposing higher regulated wholesale rates than the European telecoms regulator would have found appropriate. The appointment has added spice, given that the German regulator has been openly criticized by the European Commission for recent unbundling and mobile termination rate decisions.”

 What else? Net neutrality will come up, the San Francisco-based Computer & Communications Industry Association hinted, saying the new commissioners “need to ensure Europe’s innovators and citizens get full benefit from the open, global Internet… This means putting in place the right conditions for startup companies and ensuring citizens continue to enjoy the widest access to information, products and services.”" 'via Blog this'

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