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Monday, September 08, 2014

When internet access gives net neutrality a beating

When internet access gives net neutrality a beating | Internet Policy Review:

"Jens Best, member of the board of Wikimedia Germany admitted he’s experiencing a dilemma. While he is all for public knowledge and open access, "it's a little bit like there is some guys on the street selling some stuff and the first stuff is for free and then the second stuff costs money". Best also pointed to several problems with the zero-rated offers, for example the issue about links leading out of the zero area. For Wikipedia the links to sources were essential. Abuse of the Wikipages for free chatting also might happen. In sum, Best said, neutrality remains the fundamental principle. While he acknowledged that one had to be open about the many uses of the internet, "entering the web only by using Facebook zero is not entering the internet, it's entering Facebook"." 'via Blog this'

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