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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ofcom UK fixed-line broadband performance, Nov 2013

Ofcom | UK fixed-line broadband performance, November 2013 - The performance of fixed-line broadband delivered to UK residential consumers: "Our research found that the average actual speed for UK fixed-line residential broadband connections in November 2013 was 17.8Mbit/s (Figure 1.1).

The average actual speed of superfast fixed broadband connections (i.e. those with a headline speed of ‘up to’ 30Mbit/s or higher) was 47.0 Mbit/s, which was over five times the average actual speed of connections above ‘up to’ 10Mbit/s and less than ‘up to’ 30Mbit/s (8.4Mbit/s).

The average speed for connections above ‘up to’ 2Mbit/s up to and including 10Mbit/s was 3.3Mbit/s, less than a tenth of the average speed for superfast connections."

This is leading Ofcom to propose more incremental changes to the ISP 'voluntary' code of conduct to get them to lie less to their customers, specifically rural ADSL plain-vanilla ones. 'via Blog this'

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