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Monday, April 07, 2014

D-day for European Net Neutrality - Frode Sorensen

D-day for European Net Neutrality - npt: "First of all, the general principle of a net neutrality service model is supported. This focuses the upcoming discussion on clarifying how to apply the model. To this end, it is important to ensure regulatory certainty when the model is used.

 Regarding the definition of specialised services, it is important to ensure that such services are separated from Internet access services at the network layer. Is this really clear from the current wording “logically distinct capacity” and “strict admission control”? BEREC’s guidelines propose that specialised services and Internet access services “are provided over distinct networks”.

 Regarding the definition of Internet access services, this seems very idealistic in its current version. But imagine an Internet service provider offering a service that gives access to a limited part of the Internet, e.g. Facebook only, or some combination of websites. To which of the two definitions would that fit? None of them? If the latter is correct, will it then be exempted from the whole regulation?" 'via Blog this'

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