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Friday, April 11, 2014

House of Commons - Letter from Ed Vaizey of 30 January on net neutrality

House of Commons - Documents considered by the Committee on 5 February 2014 - European Scrutiny Committee: ""The main current risk has net neutrality as its locus where it is clear that UK is isolated in its position regarding the need for regulation in this area; the proposal enjoys strong support from both Council and EP. Whilst I remain convinced that self-regulation is most appropriate for the UK, this may not be true in the cases of the remaining 27 national markets. The current negotiating mandate indicates that whilst UK should resist the introduction of regulation, we are also required to consider what other options are open to us before reaching a final decision. Given the strong support for a regulation across the EP and the Council, I and my officials have begun to explore whether there are other options that will deliver the outcomes that the EP and Council are looking for in this area." 'via Blog this'

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