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Sunday, June 02, 2013

NPT - Frode's presentation in Strasbourg

NPT - News: "In Norway we chose a co-regulatory approach to net neutrality when we started back in 2006. Remember, we were first-movers in Europe, and there was not very much precedence to follow. Furthermore, the net neutrality debate was relatively immature at the time, and a statutory approach could potentially lead to wrong decisions carved in stone.
Co-regulation must not be confused with self-regulation. Co-regulation requires far more involvement of the regulator. The Norwegian Post and Telecommunications authority (NPT) took an active role, leading the work with a clear goal to preserve the Internet as an open platform. We invited the three stakeholder groups Internet service providers, content & application providers and consumer associations. NPT let these groups balance each other’s interests, leading to the guidelines in 2009." 'via Blog this'

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