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Saturday, June 15, 2013

No Country for Slow Broadband? WhEU are you calling slow?

No Country for Slow Broadband - "But that began to change as the economy turned around. Private investment and advances in technology, brought about by a competition policy that encouraged cable and phone companies to improve their networks, have propelled America’s networks forward. Over the last three years America’s broadband systems have doubled in speed, while Europe’s have remained stagnant. And that will continue, because broadband companies here are installing advanced fiber-optic technology faster than Europe..."
But what Richard said about Europe isn't true and he knows it - it's mired in recession and ADSL2 while the US is over 4 years into its slow recovery - but European broadband speeds are not stagnant. They have trebled in the last 5 years - even in the slowcoach UK its 234% in 4 years. Richard's better than this, I'm not sure why he chose to exaggerate because the bare story is a good one. The cash-rich US monopolists are pouring money into fibre upgrades - partly to rip out their loss-making copper to avoid what they see as extortionate universal service fees.
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