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Saturday, June 29, 2013

John Malone’s Radical Plan For Broadband - Pay Per Play for Video

John Malone’s Radical Plan For Broadband - Corporate Intelligence - WSJ: "Mr. Malone re-emerging as a power player in the U.S. cable industry, and extending his presence in European cable through his company Liberty Global, he may be able to act on his vision.
In remarks to Liberty’s annual meeting two weeks ago, which garnered little attention, Mr. Malone laid out his vision for a “world of the future” where consumers could buy “tiers” of broadband connectivity bundled to “various levels” of access to “over the top” video services, sold at a discount.
As part of that, “Reed has to bear in his economic model some of the cost of the capacity that he’s burning,” a reference to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings.
Mr. Malone’s comments, in the wake of The Wall Street Journal’s report Thursday that some Web content companies are paying some broadband providers for faster access to their networks, herald an era where broadband providers flex their muscles more."
So Malone - who famously thought "the information superhighway was just hype" 20 years ago - now thinks the same about the open Internet?
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