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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Telecoms Council conclusions: errr, we'll wait on BEREC for net neutrality

6. WELCOMES (a) The Commission's intention to assess the need, based on BEREC's investigations, for
more stringent measures and to publish additional guidance on net neutrality  [;-)];
b) The Commission’s commitment to monitor the implementation of the EU Regulatory Framework;
c) The Commission’s commitment to issue a Code of existing EU Online Rights by 2012 [hot air].
7. INVITES THE COMMISSION TO (a) Encourage its dialogue with Member States and stakeholders on net neutrality while supporting Member States in ensuring the rapid development of broadband;
b) Monitor, jointly with BEREC, the issue of traffic management to allow for a smooth flow (?) of proportional, necessary and transparent traffic management practices that do not affect net neutrality;
(c) Continue analysing, jointly with Member States, the sharing of costs of traffic and financial flows (????) between players of the Internet value chain;
d) Continue studying, with the support of BEREC's investigations, any aspects of net neutrality where significant and persistent problems are substantiated, including charges and conditions that mobile operators impose on VoIP users (well done, JJ) as well as throttling of content, applications and services;
e) Further assess, jointly with BEREC, the discrepancy between advertised and actual delivery speeds occurring in Member States, and report to the Council and to the European Parliament on the situation thereof by 2012 (I presume not in January...);
f) Provide additional information on traffic management best practices and on how to respond to the requirements of global service providers concerning quality and pricing of services.
8. INVITES MEMBER STATES TO (a) Encourage the application of the principle of net neutrality and continue their dialogue with the Commission and stakeholders on the openness of the Internet and net neutrality, taking into account ongoing analyses;
b) Ensure the open and neutral character of the Internet as their policy objective.
9. INVITES STAKEHOLDERS TO (a) Continue the dialogue with Member States, National Regulatory Authorities, BEREC and the Commission to further the benefits of an open and innovative Internet;
b) Develop behaviours and economic choices that support an open Internet platform, thus preventing the exclusion of small players and innovative models, and enabling access to, or the transmission of, online content, applications and services;
c) Seek wide consensus on the aspects of net neutrality through balanced discussions blah blah."

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