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Friday, December 02, 2011

Evidence-gathering: email from RespectMyNet

Dear Mr Marsden,
As you may already know, in September, La Quadrature du Net launched with Dutch NGO Bits of Freedom a website for citizens to report Internet access restrictions and Net neutrality violations, RespectMyNet's goal is to build a comprehensive and strong case of Net neutrality violations across Europe, and to present the collected and verified data to the European Commission to force Commissioner Neelie Kroes to move away from her wait-and-see approach and start protecting neutrality in law.
So far, the website has been quite successful: over 200 cases have been reported, and several cases have been confirmed and commented on many times. When we met with BEREC last Friday, we used cases from the site as evidence and learned that they were considering data from RespectMyNet as a source for their own study.
However, only a few cases have been reported and commented on for the UK,which is quite surprising given the poor situation neutrality-wise in your country. Here are the cases in the UK so far:
Given your expertise and knowledge of the issue, your help in getting more people to report cases and confirming them using the "me too" function would be particularly useful. To help those willing to help RespectMyNet, we've put together a short how-to:
Best regards,
Axel Simon
Campaigner / chargé de campagnes – La Quadrature du Net

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