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Monday, March 29, 2010

Ofcom moving to co-regulation of ISP broadband offers?

UPDATE: Some educated consumers offer their views.
As a result of the pathetic non-implementation of the 'self-regulatory' code by the majority, Ofcom is threatening co-regulation at the very least (which begs the question of how they could trust ISPs on net neutrality?)
'To address the shortfalls in compliance with the Code, Ofcom is going to:
work with ISPs to agree a consistent and accurate way of calculating and presenting access line speed information and amend the Code accordingly;
amend the Code to require ISPs to commit to giving the access line speed estimate early in the sales process, i.e. before asking the customer for bank details or a MAC. Currently the Code only requires ISPs to give this information before completion of the sales process.
find ways of ensuring that ISPs give consumers better information on why and how actual broadband speeds may be lower than headline speeds.
explore with ISPs whether it would be appropriate to add a new provision in Code which allows customers to leave their contract period without penalty if the access line speed received in practice is significantly below the estimate given at the time of signing up.'

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