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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Ed Richards Ofcom speech update

Ed's comments are on video - which is streaming utterly slowly on my 3G connection. He is as ever very impressive as a communicator (great hands for a Brit) but in this case, excruciatingly cautious. 
Strangely he says 'people have begun to raise an eyebrow' - well it was Charlie Dunstone's gotcha moment at the 2006 conference...
he says 'no-one has come to us and lodged a formal complaint' and that it could be 5-10 years out. 
Hmmm, didn't consumers complain  back in 2006? I realize they are not "players". 
Richard Waters keeps feeding him deregulatory questions, and he bats them away somewhat. 
"My sense is that had we done this a year or two ago, we'd have had only a modest response" - I do wish you'd tried, Ed, I think you'd have had an unpleasant surprise! Damned good reason not to ask, of course.
Let the games commence (well, actually I've said most of what I wanted about the issue to Ofcom).

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