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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Devil's Gamble: FCC (and UKgov) does nothing about competition in fixed broadband

Its not 'politick' to argue that competition is needed in fixed line - which leaves almost all Americans with no choice in 100Mbps in about 5 years' time. Its DOCSIS3.0 or Bell fiber (sic). Or a very heroic assumption that wireless broadband will get anywhere near 100Mbps - no, didn't think so.
Meanwhile, in crazy pre-Election UK, Gordon Broon has been making promises that he cannot keep on next-gen access. Its like electricity, he says. Does that mean we'll get different sockets to the rest of the world...? Slightly better news is that there may be a little compromise on 3 Strikes in the Anti-Digital Economy Bill, if Stephen Timms is more honorable than his Prime Minister...

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