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Monday, February 08, 2010

A tale of two Easter week conferences: EuroCPR v. BILETA

I will be in Vienna on 28-30 March for the 25th BILETA (British and Irish Law Education and Technology Association, but quite Euro for the first time) conference - speaking about mobile net neutrality. The conference reflects its lawyerly base and legendary social programme.
Meanwhile, in Brussels, a more tightly focussed discussion of broadband policy takes place at EuroCPR. It has Milton Mueller, Nico van Eijk and Yochai Benkler speaking - really impressive line-up, and I wish I could be in two places at once.
That said, its quite an economics-dominated event, but nowhere near as much as the even more regulator-heavy WIK conference in Berlin 27 April - at which Neelie Kroes is invited to make one of her first big speeches as Commissioner. Sharon Gillett will be there as well as several Caves - which means it will be more than just a regulator love-in.
Maybe a shout-out is also needed early for McGill's Prof. Becky Lentz hosting the 3rd annual GIGANET workshop. I will most definitely be there.

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