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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Googlebit network: playing the game

The blogosphere is of course abuzz with Google's announced gigabit network - is it a big deal? It seems a nice idea, to shame by example the big boys, and it represents a 'put up or shut up' move, as with municipal WiFi and bidding for the 700MHz spectrum. But as Rob Frieden states:
I believe incumbent carriers, such as Verizon and AT&T, do not yet consider it necessary and cost effective to enhance the value proposition in broadband. The margins are quite generous, but these carriers have more to gain and lose in wireless. Absent far greater competitive necessity --not something any Google project will generate—incumbent broadband providers can make do just fine with often duopolistic markets offering on a global comparative basis mediocre bitrates at relatively high cost.
P.S. InternetThought posts on how to get it done, thanks Rudolf!
P.P.S. Mr Enck came up with the pun 4 days before me - didn't plagiarise, guv, honest. Check this quote: 
"the big G weighs in with a helpful bit of ammo to throw at the asymmetric services Taliban"!

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