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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Neelie Kroes needs to update her web page

New Swedish Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom has her own blog (in Swedish) and was keen to publicise her meeting to discuss financial data exchange with the US under the SWIFT system.
By contrast, the agenda, speeches, in fact the whole of Neelie Kroes' website has not seen any activity of note in the two weeks since she started the job. Presumably she's engaged in spring cleaning internally within the DG.
I do apologise for describing her as geriatric - 68 is not ancient and she'll only be 73 at the end of her term, younger than my mum who would give me a clip round the ear for using the term - especially as a key component of the INFSO agenda is persuading the retired onto the web.
But she could do with showing a little more online activity - a blog would be a nice touch, for instance...
P.S. Good to see my old colleague Constantijn van Oranje in the Kroes cabinet - I'm surprised there are no English articles about his appointment, but then a prince in any other country...he's sharp and collegial and will be an excellent addition to the team! Maybe he can blog for her...
UPDATE 2/3/2010: the press releases are now on her personal pages.

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