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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Welcome to Jasper - and watch the Netherlands on net neutrality!

I'm particularly glad to welcome Jasper onto the blog - not just because he's a very smart guy, but also because he really understands the economic, technical and legal policy issues around net neutrality in both the US and Europe. As we move towards the vital technical details of regulatory proceedings in the US, Canada and European Commission, its essential that we begin to grapple with the details and their wider implications.
Of course, being from a proper broadband country (unlike me in Cambridge), he'll have connectivity as well...which is nice...and understand some of the politics of new Commissioner Nellie Kroes.
Welcome aboard Jasper!
P.S. We continue to encourage comments, suggestions and other input from readers. We're now at 7,000 visitors so do feel free to contribute as well as read.

1 comment:

Jasper said...

Thanks for your kind words Chris. And looking forward to engage in discussions with readers!