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Friday, January 08, 2010

Commissioner Kroes: nothing new to add on net neutrality yet

As part of her confirmation hearing, the Commissioner supplies an advance questionnaire on her main priorities to the European Parliament. There is nothing new in it, and she says this about net neutrality, while making clear that universal service will be a major legislative plank in 2010:

"iii. Developing Policy for a Digital Citizenship
I will pay special attention to Europe's contribution to producing high-quality open ICT standards. In addition, the Commission will be reporting on the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers before the end of 2010 on the issue of net neutrality, taking as a starting point the new provisions of the Telecoms Package."
She has hearings next week, then confirmation follows in short order. Frozen officials in Brussels will already be preparing for BEREC and their agenda. Of course, she is still busy on issues such as Kraft/Cadbury in her current portfolio, and her blog has gone quiet.....wonder if she skates?

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