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Friday, October 23, 2009

FCC NPRM appears to have covered all the bases: net neutrality lite?

The FCC has created a new class of 'managed or specialized services' that may allow higher-speed dedicated video/medical services/Uncle Tom Cobbleigh and all to be designated, while ensuring public Internet traffic will largely be protected from discrimination with 'bright line' prohibition on discrimination.
It appears to say exactly what we expected on the tin, with particularly thought-provoking comments on wireless net neutrality and types of graduated/phased-in neutrality. It also has unusually wide support from the Republican Commissioners, at least at this stage.
Now to see if it stays that way (note this frothing blog) after the multi-million dollar Washington grind is finished.
Meanwhile: Comcast v. FCC in the DC Appeals, Comcast's appeal against FCC jurisdiction in its landmark 2008 'packets reset' ruling, grinds on with a nice little intervention filed by Free Press et al.

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