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Friday, October 09, 2009

End of boom-dongle? Low speed mobile broadband losing

Interesting to see TalkTalk booming as subscribers realize mobile broadband via dongles is almost as poor as their mobile phone's web browsing, leading users to use prepay dongles as addons, rather than annual subscriptions which would suggest a real challenge to fixed.
Ofcom's annual comms research shows something similar in terms of both fixed and mobile broadband increasing. 76% of users in a recent survey are not surprisingly unimpressed with the speeds they can achieve.
El Dunstone states:
"We get a sense that the mobile broadband thing has peaked. We are seeing some of those people begin to realise that the bandwidth you get on mobile is so much less than you get on a fixed line. Mobile broadband is increasingly a supplementary rather than a substitutional thing, and an increasing proportion of Carphone sales are of pre-pay dongles."

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