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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

CRTC should update ISP rules on differential pricing - Geist in Globe and Mail

CRTC should update ISP rules on differential pricing - The Globe and Mail: "In searching for a policy that encourages ISP innovation that does not rely on leveraging the potential gatekeeper function, the commission should consider a default rule prohibiting differential pricing subject to two exceptions.

First, consistent with net-neutrality principles, neutral differential pricing that does not distinguish between similar content or applications should be permitted. Examples of neutral differential pricing include differing prices based on the time of day (e.g., cheaper late-night access) or differing speeds provided that ISPs do not target specific content or application providers.

 Second, there should be a public-interest exception that would allow providers to exempt data charges for emergency services or customer-service calls. The CRTC could develop a policy for expanding the list of permitted public-interest exceptions.

 Updating the rules to address the emergence of differential pricing and zero rating is essential since the original net-neutrality policy was developed with different concerns in mind. With the Canadian market particularly susceptible to misuse, the CRTC should be guided by its long-standing principle that telecom regulation should restrict the ability of ISPs to determine winners and losers through their power as the Internet’s gatekeepers." 'via Blog this'

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