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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The EU’s net neutrality rules: an unfinished business – BEUC

The EU’s net neutrality rules: an unfinished business – Consumer Corner: "On each of the above points, BEREC must ensure that the rules truly meet the purpose of the EU law: protecting consumers’ right to an open, non-discriminatory access to the internet, and guaranteeing the internet continues to be the great, innovative tool it has always been.

 Regulating net neutrality is a political choice.

It is a conscious decision to protect a technology – the internet – that is an invaluable social asset. A political decision that sends a very clear signal to the market: protecting the internet means we need more and better networks that deliver ultra-fast, high quality access to the internet. A political decision that tells the telecoms industries that they don’t get to pick winners and losers online. A political decision that says loud and clear that, when accessing the Internet, the consumer always has the final word." 'via Blog this'

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