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Friday, August 14, 2015

Ofcom publishes detection report on net neutrality - concludes more research needed!

Ofcom publishes scientific report on net neutrality | Martin Geddes | LinkedIn:

"my (highly biased) view is that this report is a masterpiece. It gives a rigorous and scientifically defensible analysis rooted in a profound understanding of the mathematics of statistical resource sharing. It reframes the regulatory performance measurement issue in a way that makes it possible to escape the quagmire.

Speaking of the mucky quagmire, it’s time to wake up and smell the technical manure of the net neutrality debate. It’s all around us, and the clear-up job is a big and dirty one. These findings obsolete several papers and books on the subject by legal scholars. Their understanding of network performance is unsound, and they have been unintentionally fuelling the conflict as a result.

Furthermore, that we can’t yet properly measure the services we are offering in a customer-centric way is an industry embarrassment. The technical weakness of these tools is a cause of industry shame. This should be chastening for all of us in the broadband business to do much better.

 On a more positive note, Ofcom looks heroic, at least compared to other regulators whom we won’t name." 'via Blog this'

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