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Saturday, July 04, 2015

Netherlands to vote against "not neutrality" in Council

Google Translate: "The government is dissatisfied with the agreement reached by the EU on guaranteeing net neutrality across Europe.

The Netherlands has already anchored a strict version of net neutrality in the national law, which ensures that Internet providers must treat all traffic equally. The European version of net neutrality, which the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Member States once it was Monday night, offers less stringent guarantees. "There is no prohibition on price discrimination," said a spokesman for the Ministry of Economic Affairs against "The free consumer choice is limited by the price discrimination and for new businesses it will be harder to get a foothold."
At the European Council, Minister Kamp of Economic Affairs promised to vote against any proposal that net neutrality is not strictly guaranteed. At the next meeting of the European Council will therefore Kamp against the current compromise, but it is very likely that the proposal can still be adopted by a majority. 'via Blog this'

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