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Friday, July 03, 2015

Blurry, ambiguous "net neutrality" deal is an abdication of responsibility" - and an academic's research dream!

Blurry, ambiguous "net neutrality" deal is an abdication of responsibility - EDRi: "The “deal” was achieved after three months of “negotiations” between the EU Council (the Member States of the EU) and the European Parliament. At every stage, the Council simply refused to engage in a dialogue. Then, racing to meet the arbitrary deadline created by the end of the Latvian Presidency of the EU Council, this chaotic, sub-standard text was provisionally agreed.

 Now that our political “leaders” have decided that they cannot make a decision, we must wait for unelected judges and regulators to do the hard work.

This is “just” a provisional agreement. First, the explanatory recitals need to be finalised. Then, the EU institutions need to decide if they are really prepared to create such legal uncertainty for European citizens and business. This will become clear in the coming weeks."

EDRi are right - as an academic researcher, it does make the job easier by making definition harder!  'via Blog this'

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