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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

UK minister unfazed on EC net neutrality law and child protection

The UK government has a multistakeholder forum on child safety on the Internet - which raised net neutrality as potentially threatening UK extra-legal content filters. The minutes of last month's meeting discuss:
"11...[Minister Ed Vaizey] it shouldn’t affect our work - it won’t stop us removing images that are clearly illegal, and optional filters won’t be affected.
12. We have a voluntary code in the UK because we support a definition of net neutrality which means that ISPs shouldn’t block competitor services, e.g. Skype. We want to leave room for the market to innovate.
13. Comments [from UK ISPs] included: There are three issues: i. clean feeds – of small concern; ii. parental controls in the home – this is consensual so not a problem (unless they were default on); iii. public Wi-Fi – this is more worrying as it blocks legal content by default - so this could be a problem.
Industry wants assurance that Government is comfortable that the proposed legislation doesn’t conflict with UK practices. Ed Vaizey confirmed that the Government is aware of the concerns and are talking to the Commission to ensure these concerns are front of mind and are being kept closely under review."
So that's industry satisfied...

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