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Monday, October 20, 2014

Is zero rating a net neutrality issue? Ryan Heath doesn’t think so

Is zero rating a net neutrality issue? Europe’s outgoing digital chief doesn’t think so — Tech News and Analysis: "Heath wrote:

"If the service involved were to be a data-hungry one (such as your example of video) then the regulatory issue is not one of Net Neutrality but whether the bundling amounts to abuse of a dominant position or below-cost selling, which are competition law issues."

Traditionally, anti-net neutrality behavior includes the blocking or throttling of rival services by the carrier, or the establishment of a “fast lane” where certain services get better treatment than others. I would argue that zero rating has the same effect as setting up a fast lane. The only real difference is that services shut out of a fast lane will become less attractive to users because they’re less reliable to use, while services shut out of the zero-rating framework become less attractive because they eat into the data cap." 'via Blog this'

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