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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Why the EU Commission's True Intent is to Kill Net Neutrality

Why the EU Commission's True Intent is to Kill Net Neutrality | La Quadrature du Net: "While seemingly defending Net neutrality principle by banning blocking and throttling Internet communications, the Commission wants to make it meaningless by explicitly allowing prioritization, which is another form of discrimination (prioritization is another word for the more technical term of "guaranteed" or "differentiated" "Quality of Service", as opposed to the traditional "best-effort" model for the delivery of Internet traffic).
What is more, the draft text also proposes that, “in the pursuit of the foregoing freedom (sic)”, telecom operators should be free to impose data caps on users. Finally, it aims at preventing national authorities from protecting online freedom of expression and innovation by introducing real protections for Net neutrality.
From the leaked document, it seems clear that far from introducing a real protection for the open and neutral Internet, the EU Commissioner for the Digital Agenda Neelie Kroes wants to grant the telecom lobby its long-lasting demand to implement traffic management measures and pricing schemes that would boost their revenues at the expense of freedom of communication and innovation."
Of course, I heard the Commissioner's 3 June speech announcing her non-neutral neutrality policy and immediately explained that she was opposed to neutrality. This won't be pretty! 'via Blog this'

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