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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Interview with German minister on net neutrality law

Google Traductor: so may be some mistakes "When the regulation was put in place? What is the other method? There is a draft  Federal Ministry of Economics net neutrality regulation. Before it is decided by the federal government, other departments need to consider these and also get the interested parties the opportunity to comment. The design is now public and available to anyone. We seek a decision of the Federal Government in the summer of 2013. Then the Bundestag and Bundesrat are required. 
Why is net neutrality governed by regulation and not by law? we do not need a separate law on net neutrality, because the principles of net neutrality are enshrined in law the Telecommunications Act since 2012. The Telecommunications Act already requires today that the network operator to ensure both access to content and applications as well as data transmission without discrimination. However, the law allows the federal government to adopt a regulation to ensure net neutrality, in which the details are clarified. From this legislative leeway we now make use of. The ordinance is in effect to a law in nothing.
How does  the regulation affects the preferential treatment operation of Deutsche Telekom services - such as the television service Entertain? The Regulation does not aim at German Telekom, but takes all the network operators in the duty.By regulation, the Agency will continue to review all business practices of network operators to comply with the network neutrality. However, it is true that the Agency can verify by means of the regulation whether the telecoms should treat their television service Entertain preferred." 'via Blog this'

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