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Monday, February 25, 2013

Corporate tie binds US to a slow internet (not via MSNBC...)

Corporate tie binds US to a slow internet - (subscription): "The average US cost for 1Mb/s is $1.10 compared with $0.42 in the UK, $0.34 in France and $0.21 in South Korea. It is not only places such as Hong Kong that put the US into the shade. Countries such as Estonia, Portugal and Hungary offer a significantly better internet service. South Koreans joke that when they visit the US they are taking an internet vacation. Yet bringing the US up to speed appears to be low on Mr Obama’s list of priorities (it did not even get a mention in his State of the Union address last month). The story of Comcast’s ascent helps explain why. So too does its relationships with politicians across the spectrum." 'via Blog this'

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