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Monday, February 25, 2013

Broadband Stakeholder Group crystal ball gazing for 2015

This is the policy lead that we have to accept as state-of-the-art bland whitewashing: "UK is unlikely to lead the league tables in FTTH provision.   For wireless services, other countries have had a head-start on the UK for 4G...  Rural availability of LTE is more difficult still to predict... Assessing speeds on mobile services is more difficult to measure.  Ofcom’s initial work in 2010 suggested that users using datacards and dongles achieved  an average speed of 2.1Mbps... In terms of what this means comparatively, this is incredibly difficult to benchmark given the lack of robust data that allows one to compare like for like across Europe...provision to a level of 30Mbps within the last 10% does provoke some operational challenges. UK will feature less strongly on the issues of: Coverage of FTTH infrastructure; Speed (depending on how this is benchmarked); Achieving 50% take-up of 100Mbps services (though the UK is unlikely to be
alone in Europe in this respect)." So they basically think broadband is slow in the UK on both fixed and mobile comparisons and it will remain slow...but cheap. They also have this choice morsel: "BSG will continue to house the UK debate on net neutrality further to its work in 2011 and 2012 on codes of practice for traffic management transparency." I think they mean Ed Vaizey's Sunday phone call to Tim Berners-Lee established that the telecoms industry has no interest in net neutrality at all?

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